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What BISS is all about

BISS is a pioneer in innovative bioinformatics analyses and the development of software solutions for Personalised Medicine.

Bioinformatics has become an integral part of modern research and medicine. In particular, the rapid growth of new NGS technologies and the availability of online data offer enormous potential for science and medicine, but also require innovative computer-aided methods and custom-fit analysis procedures tailored to the experiment and question at hand.


Our mission is to get the most out of your data and take it to a new level of interpretation.


Our focus is on multi-omics analyses and AI-assisted identification of biomarkers and personalised therapy approaches. We have successfully applied our developed pipelines and algorithms to various organisms and diseases, especially cancer, autoimmune and cardiopulmonary diseases. Our clients are physicians and scientists from renowned institutions in academia and the biotech industry.


Our products 

PMCRanalyzer, PMCRfinder, PMCRmodeler, PMCRindividuell

Our team combines expertise from bioinformatics, software development, molecular biology and medicine.



Multi-Omics-Analyse and Disease Modeling

PMCRanalyzer is based on our developed correlation-
algorithm (patent pending) for the multimodal analysis of omics data (e.g. transcriptomics, epigenomics, proteomics, metabolomics, single-cell-Seq). Expression profiles are calculated and associated subpopulations and signalling pathways are characterised. We analyse transcriptional changes during disease progression and cellular regulatory potential (ligand-receptor target engagement) at the gene, tissue and pathway level. PMCRanalyzer enables mechanistic insights into disease development and data-driven hypotheses to be formulated for new investigations.



ML-based identification of markers and predictive modelling

PMCRfinder combines bioinformatics with machine learning methods to identify data-driven markers for diagnosis and therapy. The markers are comprehensively analysed functionally including disease course and outcome (predictive modelling). Our analyses are also applied in the field of companion diagnostics and drug development.



AI-based development of personalised therapy strategies

With PMCRmodeller, we have developed a software suite for molecular biological analysis and AI-based development of personalised therapy strategies and therapy monitoring to support clinical decision-making with regard to prioritisation and toxicity assessment. This allows sequencing data (e.g. DNA-Seq, RNA-Seq) to be broken down with regard to tumour-specific driver genes and individual functions. Computer models based on this data map the patient’s tumour process and make it possible to model disease progression and drug effects. This allows personalised treatment concepts with a minimised risk of resistance to be developed that correspond to the patient’s disease and his molecular and tumour-specific data.



Individualised analysis pipelines and software solutions

You would like to carry out in-house analyses yourself ? Or do you need an individual software solution and user interface for your laboratory ?

Then we are exactly the right partner for you. We develop bioinformatics pipelines and software solutions tailored to your needs and requirements. Talk to us.


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